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The Flute Studio of Devin Glasgow

I am so glad you are interested in my studio! As a do-it-all musician, I consider teaching to be the single most rewarding thing I have to opportunity to do each week. The chance to work with diverse, enthusiastic students is a huge privilege! Here, you'll find information about me, my teaching, and what to expect as a student of this studio. I am always available to answer any questions, so feel free to fill out a lesson inquiry so we can chat!

Lesson Inquiry

Interested in setting up a lesson? Curious about pricing and formats? Head over to the lesson inquiry page to get in contact with me so we can figure out your path to musical success!

FREE Materials

I have a ton of FREE downloads available! Whether you're a student of mine or just looking for something new to add to your practice routine, these tools will help you make the most of your time!

About the Teacher

Want to know more about the teacher? Head on over to my "About Me" page or any of my social media links to learn more about the guy behind the teacher!

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Teaching Philosophy

My mission as a teacher is to help each student develop their own, custom-tailored approach to being successful in their music lessons and beyond. Just as every person has a unique personality, we all learn in a diverse range of ways. Through my study of teaching psychology, body awareness techniques (such as the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais), and many years of personal trial-and-error, I aim to help students create actionable plans towards their musical goals. Whether they aim to make their school's top band, successfully audition for a college music program, or find joy in playing the flute, my directive is to help guide each student to their personal definition of musical success.


What are some of the things you can expect in a lesson with me?

A 21st Century Approach

The computer in our pockets is more than just a social media device– it's a powerful practice tool! Slow motion video recording, advanced (but not complicated!) metronome functions, and accountability assistance tools make up just some of the tech tips and tricks I share with students. This is a phones (mostly) allowed space!

No Pain = All the Gain

It's no secret: the flute is not the world's most comfortable instrument to play. Having developed and conquered my own performance injuries, I help students to develop stretches and strength building exercises to keep them playing issue-free. When we work with our bodies and not against them, a whole new realm of performance possibilities exist!

A Diverse Education

There's more to playing the flute than scales and arpeggios. The history behind the music we play and the science supporting the sounds we make are just as important as learning the fundamentals! A typical lesson may include explanations on the physics of achieving effortless technique or the reason Mozart selected a specific tempo marking in a concerto. There's always more to the story than the notes on the page!

Your Goals are My Goals

The definition of success is different to everyone and so are the goals we set to get there. From the very first lessons, I work with students to determine what their lesson and music goals are. My job as a teacher is to help students break their goals down in to achievable steps and present them with the knowledge and tools to make them happen!

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